My Favorite Skincare Products

I never really used a lot of skincare products except for an exfoliator that I’d use daily when I shower. Recently, I’ve been incorporating more products into my routine and have been loving them all.

IMG_7687 St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish Control: I’ve used this for many years. Works great for blemish control. I use it every time I shower and will use it 2x/day when I have flare ups. I’ve contacted the company and they stated that gluten would be listed in the ingredients if it was present (ex: (wheat), (oat), (barley)).


Mineral Fusion Eye makeup Remover: I found this at Meijer on sale for a couple dollars because they were getting rid of the brand in stores. I love this! All of their products are gluten free too.


Everyone Face Cleanser: Sometimes when I remove my makeup I feel like I can’t get it all to come off. This helps get anything that’s left and makes my skin feel smooth and clean. Labeled “certified gluten free”!


Root Fresh Lavender Moisturizer: I’m sure you all have seen me talk about Root several times. I thought I’d try one of their skincare products. My face gets soooo dry in the winter because of the cold and harsh winds. I apply this twice a day (after I take a shower and before I go to bed) and it does the trick! It also smells so good! A little goes a long way, so this bottle will last me a while too.


Everclen Eye Cream: I got this for free from the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest. I’ve started using it 1-2x/day. It’s good to eliminate dark circles.


Dermae CoQ10 Super Repair 2-in-1 Scrub Mask: I usually use this as a face mask instead of a scrub. I should use it about once a week or so, but usually do when I have flare ups. It also helps to eliminate any redness.