Camp Gluten Freedom

Camp Gluten Freedom

This past week, I was able to volunteer at Flat Rock River YMCA Camp in St. Paul, Indiana (website link HERE, facebook link HERE). This camp has 1 week of the Summer in June when they host Camp Gluten Freedom (website link HERE, facebook link HERE). They are also GREAT at accommodating other allergies and dietary restrictions all year long if yourself or your child would be unable to attend during the gluten free week!

I’ve included a dedicated tab HERE for you all to go to for future reference!

This camp is available for children ages 7-17. I would have loved it when I was little, especially shortly after going gluten free (in 8th grade).

Who to Contact

You will need to contact Kim Redmon for more information and to tell about your child’s/ yourself’s dietary restrictions. You can find her contact information on their website link above.

Dedicated Gluten Free Sandwich Bar

In the dining court, there is a sandwich bar and a salad bar. Of course, the salad bar is naturally gluten free and has many good options for toppings and salad dressings. They also offer a gluten free sandwich bar where there are signs telling about gluten, celiac disease, cross contamination, dedicated toaster, peanut butter jar, jam, and many different types of gluten free bread available.

Cross Contamination

Each week over the Summer, Flat Rock River hosts between 200-300 students and counselors. Obviously, this is not a dedicated gluten free camp and even during the Camp Gluten Freedom week, there are other students who are not gluten free (they need more camper spots filled then the gf students can fill, there are just more gf students there that week) Being gluten free, you always have to be aware of cross contamination and know the risks you are taking. Kim does a WONDERFUL job at making sure her staff is knowledgeable about cross contamination, gluten free, allergens, etc and does her very best to avoid cross contamination. She covers the dishes with aluminum foil/ plastic wrap and even keeps them in a separate warmer, and separate areas in the refrigerator and freezer. Also, she will supply the students with their own condiments in separate containers. During Camp Gluten Freedom, many samples are brought in from gluten free companies like Uno’s, Canyon Bakehouse, Enjoy Life, etc.

What Activities are there for the Kids to do?

This camp isn’t just for kids, adults and businesses can rent their lodge to host meetings, scrap booking parties, quilting sessions, etc.

If you have anymore questions pertaining to the camp or volunteering, feel free to ask myself and click on the links provided above!