girl behind the blog

Hi friends I’m Ciara- the girl behind the blog.

I’m an enneagram 2 (the “helper”) and an ISFJ on the Myers-Briggs test. I married a wonderful man named Trenton in June 2019- we met in high school. I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and completed my undergrad in nutrition and dietetics at Purdue University (boiler up!) and got my MS in applied nutrition and dietetics from Logan University. 

I adore Audrey Hepburn movies, I Love Lucy, The Office, and Parks & Rec. The 1950’s is my favorite era and I consider myself an old soul. My favorite drink to cozy up with is either a London fog or chai tea latte. I grew up on a farm and my favorite animal is a goat. My husband and I have a westie puppy named Louie who is full of personality, sass, and lovesss peanut butter, carrots, sleeping on my pillow, and his pacifier toy (I know..a bit much, but adorable I must say).

Thanks for reading my little spot on the internet 🙂 Feel free to reach out!