Finding Modest Clothes in Today’s Society

Modesty: “behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.”

When asked what my sense of style is, I like to say modest with a vintage flair. I love most anything vintage like peter pan collars and oxford shoes. And I feel like it’s good to always dress modestly. What you dress can really convey what your personality is and how you portray yourself. I don’t want to come across as inappropriate or that I like to “show myself off.” I also just feel uncomfortable if anything doesn’t fit me how I like or might be what I think is immodest.

Sadly, in today’s society, it can sometimes be difficult to find  modest clothing. Tops can be too low, dresses are hard to find without cut outs anymore (I’m not against all cut outs, just not a huge fan of them as a whole), shorts are almost always wayyy too short, and bathing suits are getting smaller and smaller (what happened to the high waisted bottoms and one pieces that are actually flattering on me and look like cute dresses?!?).

Anyways, my point is, I wish it wasn’t so hard to find modest clothing. Shorts in particular.

Since it’s feeling more like Summer, I was wanting to get some new shorts. Some of mine I’d had for a while and were getting pretty short on me. Mom and I went to Bloomington one day and I wanted to look for some there. I’ll tell you, it is really hard to find shorts that aren’t realllll short. But I thought I might know where to look.

H&M tends to have bottoms that fit me pretty well and you can usually find at a good price, so I wanted to look there first. I found mostly short shorts and a few bermudas (which weren’t on sale and I wasn’t going to pay $30+ for a pair of shorts…I bargain shop). I looked and looked in the store and was about to give up when I finally found some. They only have them in one style and two different shades but I was so happy when I found them. They’re regular waist denim shorts and are available in dark and light wash. I got the smallest size they have, a 4. They fit me like a semi-high waisted since I’m petite but I really like the fit of them. And the best part is they were originally $9.99! I got a pair in both the dark and the light wash.


dark wash shorts 3

dark wash shorts 2



light wash shorts 5

light wash shorts 2