Red Apple Lipstick: Review 3

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

The two lipstick shades I’m going to review today may be my favorite ones that Red Apple sent me.

The first shade is After Hours. I really love this color! I’ve been wanting to try out a purple lipstick and this one was perfect! When I first applied After Hours it looked more like a raspberry shade and I wasn’t sure about it since I wanted purple, but the more I applied the darker it got and I fell in love with it! I love how Red Apple lipsticks get darker the more you apply. This shade is more of a matte lipstick and doesn’t have shimmer to it. Since After Hours is a statement color, I wore it with a white summer blouse.

red apple after hours face

The next lipstick is called Hibiscus. When I first put this shade on I wasn’t sure what color to call it. I looked on Red Apple‘s website and they called it a true raspberry color. That is exactly how to describe it! I’ve never tried a lipstick like this before and I’m really a fan of it! Hibiscus doesn’t have any shimmer to it as well, which I like. It’s also a great statement color and would work great in Summer and Spring.

red apple hibiscus face

I hope you all have enjoyed my reviews of Red Apple lipsticks, we still have one more left!


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