So Audrey: Head to Toe Black

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week’s weather has been strange, even for Indiana. Monday was nice and in the 50’s, yesterday was 60 and rainy all day, and today it’s a blizzard!

Curl up with some hot cocoa and a blanket and let’s get started!

IMG_1676 (2).JPG

Today’s “So Audrey” post is inspired by the outfit she wore in the movie, “Funny Face.” The one where she was in head to toe black. This has been a favorite outfit of mine and I knew when I started the “So Audrey” segment that I had to include it.


This outfit is so simple, but so classy. Audrey wears black slacks, a black turtle neck, black loafers, and white socks. The outfit is brightened by her makeup, red lips.

I decided to pair my black turtle neck with polka dot crop pants. The black jeans that I have are faded and wouldn’t have looked right. I loved the polka dot pants though! It added just a touch of uniqueness to the outfit. I also decided against wearing white socks. The ones I had just didn’t look right.








IMG_1681 (2).JPG

I linked my outfit below. The sweater might not be the exact one that I got, but it’s super close. Also, the crop pants are available in a ton of other adorable colors and prints! I actually got mine from a yard sale, but these are the exact ones!

Sweater     Crop Pants    Loafers

There’s one more “So Audrey” post left! Have an idea of what it might be?!

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