Floral Wrap Dress for Easter

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you all had a good Easter weekend!

Today’s post is going to be about the dress I wore for Easter Sunday. It’s actually one of the dresses that I linked in my Easter Outfit Guide here: Easter Outfit Guide:: Dresses & Shoes, also my shoes are linked in the guide.

IMG_2600 (2).JPG

Whenever I was looking up dresses for the Easter Outfit Guide, I fell in love with this dress. I love the floral pattern and colors, the modest length, and that it’s a wrap dress. Also, I had gotten these shoes first and the dress matched them perfectly too!

IMG_2572 (2)

IMG_2571 (2)

The dress is from Charlotte Russe. I ended up having to order it online because the store didn’t carry it. Luckily, it came in just in time for Easter! Also, these scalloped heels and purse are both from DSW.

IMG_2628 (2).JPG


IMG_2589 (2)

Being a wrap dress, it tends to open in the front quite a bit if you’re not careful and when sitting down. I did put a pin at the bottom of the dress so it wouldn’t gape open so much in the front. I was debating about what slip to wear underneath when I remembered I had a pink vintage slip dress. Honestly, I’m not sure where it came from but it worked perfectly with this dress! It made it so I didn’t have to wear a tank top under the dress, was the perfect shade of pink, and added just the right amount of extra details. The top of the slip dress is also a v-neck with lace and the bottom of it has a wide lace ruffle.

IMG_2587 (2)

IMG_2623 (2)

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I’ve linked the exact dress HERE and shoes HERE. I wasn’t able to find the exact purse but found one similar HERE.



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