GFFA 2017 Indianapolis

If you follow me on social media (@faithfashionfoodwithc) you probably saw that the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest was this past weekend (check out my post from last year HERE). My parents, boyfriend, and I were able to go for a one-day pass and we had a great time! This was my 5th (?) time going to the fest! The first 2 years I went, the fest was held in Carmel, IN and it has been in Indianapolis for 4 years.


If you don’t know what the Gluten Free Allergy Fest is, it’s an event held annually in cities across the country. The fest focuses strongly on gluten free products, but includes products that are also free of other allergens. At the event, there are tons of vendors you can speak to, free samples to try, products to purchase (with special deals), lectures and demonstrations to attend. The event does cost, but it is so worth to go to! You learn so much, get to try many products/brands before purchasing them, and get to meet a lot of people in the gluten free community!


At the fest, they give you a free bag to put all your goodies in! I have soooo many bags from previous GFAF fests (they’re great to keep in your car for groceries!). They also hand you a pamphlet with all the vendors listed and times of the lectures and demos for the day. The GFAF fest is put on by Gluten Free & More Magazine! I had been wanting a subscription to them for a while, and finally subscribed to them at the fest (they had a good deal going on!)!


These are the free samples I got. Everything pictured was free except the Chebe cinnamon roll mixes. You also get to taste many yummy samples there!


Every year I’ve went, I’ve always learn about a new brand (and I’ve been gf for 7 years, and have went to the fest roughly 5 times)!

If you’ve never heard of Annie May’s Sweet Cafe located in Louisville, Kentucky check them out! My boyfriend’s sister got her wedding cake from them and it was so good! Btw, these macaroons were so yummy (and I didn’t eat them all in one setting…I did in two 😉

When I got back from the GFAF fest, I curled up with a london fog tea, the macaroons I purchased from the fest, and a Gluten Free & More magazine 🙂


Have you been to the GFAF fest? Have a questions? I want to hear! 🙂