Favorite Gluten & Dairy Free Finds (Updated 2018)

Since I last wrote My Favorite Gluten Free Brands (and mostly dairy free), I have tried other products that have quickly became some of my favorites.

*I am in no way sponsored by any of these brands.

Canyon BakehouseThe best gluten free bread I’ve tried! Their mountain white loaf, heritage style honey white loaf and bagels are really good! I purchase them at Meijer and Fresh Thyme.

O Dough’s: Their sandwich thins, white loaf, and original bagel thins are sooooo good! Available at Meijer and Fresh Thyme.

gfjules all purpose gf flour: We have been Jules’ flour ever since the beginning. It’s the best for making homemade chicken and noodles, yeast rolls, lemon bars and sugar cookies. Only available for order online.

Aldi Live GFreeI’ve mentioned Aldi a ton on the blog, but they are just great for eating gluten free! And their products are so reasonably priced…score! Definitely go during the month of May, they have more Live GFree products!

Enjoy Life semi-sweet mini chipsWe have used their chocolate chips for a long time. They are great for baking and melting. Taste just like milk chocolate (without the dairy)! Available at Meijer, Fresh Thyme, & Target.

ChebeTheir cinnamon roll mix is SO good! Available for order- I have purchased at the Gluten Free Expo.

SoDelicious: So many different dairy free options (most are gluten free..be sure to check!) Some of my favorites are their ice creams, yogurts, creamers, and coco whip. Available at Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Target, Walmart.

Follow Your HeartThe best dairy free cheese I have tried! Their mozzarella, pizzeria blend and smoked gouda are my favorites! Available at Meijer and Fresh Thyme.

Blake’s Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie: Sometimes it’s nice to have something frozen to make when you don’t feel like cooking. These are my go-to. I have found them at Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Walmart and Target.

Feel Good FoodsGluten free egg rolls! I get these at Fresh Thyme, they often have them on sale. Available in chicken and vegetable.

Lance Gluten Free Original Crackers: These are the best gluten free crackers I have tried! Taste just like a Ritz cracker! I have only been able to find them at Walmart though. They also have cheddar and peanut butter which are easier to find in other stores (Meijer, Target)

Kind bars: Great snack bars. Only some are dairy free. My favorite is the dark chocolate almond & coconut. Available almost anywhere- Walmart, Target, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, gas stations…you name it!

What are your favorite gluten free finds?