New Day Gluten Free: Clayton, MO

A few days ago I went on a short trip to St. Louis, MO with my fiance Trenton, his mom & my parents. We were looking at the grad school Trenton is planning on attending & the surrounding areas.

Of course I had to scope out the best gluten free places. I found New Day Gluten Free which is located in Clayton, MO- between St. Louis and Chesterfield. New Day is a dedicated gluten free & peanut free cafe & bakery. Their menu consisted of all day breakfast options, pasta, pizza & sandwiches along with many delicious bakery items! They had a wide range of dairy free options as well!

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The first time (yes, we went twice because it was that good!) we stopped at New Day for lunch I split the 10 inch Meat Lover’s Pizza with my dad. They had the option of getting Daiya dairy free cheese. The pizza was very good & the crust did not fall apart! I also got one of their vegan sugar cookies which tasted amazing!

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Trenton ended up getting the biscuits and gravy both times we went! It was delicious & tasted just like regular! Unfortunately, it was not dairy free although I did try a bite 🙂

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The second time we went for lunch, I got the New Day Sub sandwich. They ran out of turkey meat so it only had ham & roast beef- but it was still good! I got the 5 inch size & it was huge, had so many toppings & tasted so good! Their sandwiches come with the choice of a side. I got their homemade potato chips. Dairy free cheese was available to get on the sub. I also got one of their dairy free cake pops. It was vanilla cake inside with icing around it covered in tons of orange sprinkles! Trenton got the Cup of Joe cupcake (again I stole a bite) and it was very good. Not overpowering coffee taste. My dad ended up getting their New Day Breakfast while both of our mom’s got sandwiches. My mom got their sandwiches without bread due to having to follow a strict low carbohydrate diet. She said it was still very filling with all the toppings.

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I definitely recommend checking out New Day Gluten Free!


*This post was not sponsored in any way. I just loved my experience there & wanted to share it with you all!

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