As I start my last semester at Purdue…

As I start my last semester at Purdue, I can’t help but think back on what it was like as a freshman. When I went to register for classes the summer before starting my first semester, I was so nervous and overwhelmed with how huge the campus was and ended up getting lost. My parents reassured me I’d make it when classes would start. And I did. That first year I got plugged into a small group. That truly made the most difference throughout my college career. Staying connected to fellow Jesus loving people. But freshman year is hard. You think you’ll be taking classes you enjoy because that’s what people say…but first, you have to get the prereqs out of the way. And homesickness is so real. You’re learning a new town, a new school, finding new friends, and so much more. But you grow and mature in so many ways.

As I start my last semester at Purdue, I think back to sophomore year. This was the hardest year I ever had at college. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with school work, and overwhelmed with my health. We were trying to figure out why I kept having more GI symptoms since I went gluten free 8 years ago. I was scared and struggled to keep up academically. But I made it through.

As I start my last semester at Purdue, I go back to last year- junior year. I got out of the dorms (yay!) and moved into a house with two other roommates. Classes were a lot better and so was my health. My fiance Trenton transferred to Purdue spring semester which made the time so much better. Spring semester was hard when my grandpa passed away during finals week, but professors were so understanding. But again, I made it through. Only 1 year left.

As I start my last semester at Purdue, I think of this past summer when I stayed on campus. I was taking summer classes and working food service hours at the local hospital. This summer was hard. I had many breakdowns and felt so alone being here by myself on campus. I had to trust in God a lot and because of that this summer made me grow so much. I learned to pray more, worry less.

As I start my last semester at Purdue, I think back on last semester- the beginning of my senior year. This past semester might have been the most hectic as far as classes. I had so many projects and presentations, more than I’ve ever had before in college. I made it through all because of God’s good grace.

And finally as I start my last semester at Purdue, I look around campus. I think of all those memories and so many more. I think of the spots I often sit between classes. I think of the church I’ve became connected with. I think of the people I’ve met- and all the people I don’t even know. Purdue is a huge campus (40,000 people is a lot, huh?). I think of the basketball games. I think of the fountain runs. I think of the huge lecture halls freshman/sophomore year. I think of the stories dad tells me of his time at Purdue. I think of the marriage-student housing that is barely standing where my parents once lived at Purdue. I think of how campus has changed just since I’ve been here. I think of the strong foundation Purdue has given me for Dietetics. And I think of how Purdue has allowed me to dive into my passions.

I think of all this and so much more, as I start my last semester at Purdue.