Being an “Old Soul”

Old soul. I’ve always thought of myself as this term. According to urban dictionary, the definition is: “Someone who has a greater appreciation and understanding of things that might be dismissed by others their age. An old soul would have a different taste in things than the mainstream media. They are often wise beyond their age or appearance.”

One thing I’m sure you all know about me is I love vintage clothing, especially the 1950’s era. Aside from the clothes and accessories from then, I also really love the style of music, swing dancing, old cars and old movies. Audrey Hepburn (of course), Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart and Lucille Ball are some of the best actors/actresses I think 😉 My favorite show is “I Love Lucy” and my favorite movie is “Funny Face.” I’ve also been watching the show “That Girl” lately (available on Amazon Prime!) which was shot in the 60’s! I would much rather stay home in the evenings and watch “I Love Lucy” while drinking tea than to go out. Any other old souls resonate?

Last week the dietetic students had to play a game with the pharmacy and nursing students about geriatric patients. To really get us in the spirits, they played a 1950’s playlist, and I was allllll about it. I overheard one girl say how she didn’t like this music and wish they hadn’t chose it. But I was just happy they were playing it and not today’s music! haha 🙂

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is how I don’t think of things from the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s to be that long ago…even though I was definitely not born then! haha Sure the 1950’s were almost 70 years ago….but isn’t less than 100 years still relatively recent? Just me? Probably. I also think it’s funny how some of the 1990’s clothing is coming back. Like that really wasn’t that long ago! I guess I’m considered vintage too haha!

It’s almost like I miss the old times back then even though I never lived in the 50’s. The way things seemed, from my view now as a “millennial”, so simple back then. Our grandparents could trust their kids (our parents) by themselves places. You can’t do that now. TV shows were clean and perfectly fine for the entire family to watch. Clothes were modest yet flattering for every woman. House work was done a lot differently- no dishwashers. And social media wasn’t even thought of. Now, the food pyramid is no more (hello MyPlate) and we have information accessible at the tip of our fingers.

Do you consider yourself an old soul too? Leave a comment below!

Sincerely an old soul,