Start your week off RIGHTeous: Week 4

Hi everyone! I hope your past week has been great! I was able to go home this weekend which was really nice. But goodbyes never get easier and here I am back at college, ready to start another week. One thing in my week I do look forward to though is Start your week off RIGHteous! When Monday evening comes, after I’ve finished some assignments and reading, I sit down with my laptop and bible. Sometimes I may not feel as upbeat but when I find a verse that inspires me, it makes me feel better.

Since last semester, we’ve been reading from Ephesians a lot. When I say “we”, I mean my small group (cru) and campus house, the church I attend while at college. I basically have all of Ephesians highlighted and didn’t realize how great of a book it was. So I decided to choose a verse from it for today’s post.

Ephesians 4:2

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

The verse is short and sweet but I think the message is strong.

Humble: To me, being humble means to not be boastful. To feel confident about yourself, but not in a way that is big headed or proud. Humbleness is a wonderful quality.

Gentle: The definition of gentle is to be “mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.” When I think of a gentle personality, I think of someone who is very kind, understanding and doesn’t get angered easily.

Patient: Sometimes being patient can be hard. I tend to be a pretty patient person but I can have my moments where even little things can make me impatient. I don’t like it when I feel that way and much rather prefer being patient.

“Bearing with one another in love.” We should always show love to those around us. Brotherly/sisterly love, friendly love, and God’s love.

I hope this verse has inspired you.