Red Apple Lipstick: Review 1

Hi there! So I contacted Red Apple Lipstick Company and they sent me some sample pods of their lipsticks to review. Red Apple makeup products are gluten free and paraben free! I was surprised that they sent me 8 sample pods! Instead of reviewing them all at once, I’ve decided to only write about a few so we can focus on each color.

red apple sample pods

The sample I first tried is the color Beachside. This is a nice nude color. It has a very subtle shine to it. If you’re looking for a natural shade, I would definitely go for Beachside. When wearing this shade I would pair it with brown eye shadow colors and a nice bronzer for a natural glow.

red apple beachside face

I also tried the color Drama. This is a nice deep berry/purple tint. Drama is a statement color but can be toned down if you don’t apply as much.

red apple drama 2red apple drama

red apple drama face 2

I’m very pleased with both of these colors. Red Apple lipstick goes on very smoothly and it doesn’t feel caked on. It is very good quality…and the best part is they’re gluten free! I’m looking forward to trying the other samples they’ve sent me and telling you all about them!

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