Red Apple Lipstick: Review 4 (last one!)

Hi everyone! Happy Weekend!

So I saw that yesterday was National Lipstick Day. Since I still have one final review to do of Red Apple Lipstick, I thought this would be the perfect day!

The first product I’m reviewing isn’t a lipstick, it’s called Rallye Balm. This is a gluten, soy, corn, GMO free balm that Red Apple has made. Rallye Balm has Vitamin E and is suspended in a cold pressed castor seed oil. Not only can you use Rallye Balm for your lips, but you can also use it under your eyes, on cuticles, elbows, etc.

Rallye Balm

The last product is a lipstick shade called Mauve Me. This is a plum-red color with shimmer. I like this color, it’s similar to Plum Sexy Crazy (shown here: Red Apple Lipstick: Review 2) but has more of a pinkish tint to it versus burgundy.

red apple mauve me face

I hope you all have enjoyed my reviews of Red Apple Lipstick! Let me know if you’ve tried any yourself!


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