What I Learned My Freshman Year of College

Happy Weekend!

After completing my freshman year of college, I thought of two blog topics I wanted to address. One: College Clothing Essentials (shown here: C’s Top 10 College Clothing Essentials) and two: What I Learned My Freshman Year. So let’s jump in!

First off I want to say that college is a stressful, different, brand new experience for everyone. We all have those first thoughts about college, being unsure, nervous, and slightly excited. To be honest, I’m still having those thoughts this year haha. Though I’m more relaxed and not as nervous…just scared about organic chemistry and anatomy haha.

I learned that college is much harder. High school doesn’t really prepare you for it at all, except taking AP classes. The load can seem completely overbearing at times and you think you won’t possibly have enough time to get everything done. I never really felt “caught up” in college, I actually don’t think it’s possible. Once you complete one assignment, there’s another one right around the corner…and you will never stop reading…

Stay organized. Make sure you know when assignments are due, what the assignment includes, when your exams are, and what to expect on the exams. Also, prepare for exams a week in advance and finals all semester long. You will feel much more prepared. I highly suggest getting an agenda. My agenda is pretty much my life while at college. I’m the type of person who likes to write everything down, I kind of have to so I remember everything. And you can find some pretty stylish ones too!

I found this one at Target for $10.99. It’s a Cambridge Edition. I really like the look of it and the layout inside.


agenda 2

agenda 3

I learned that you’ll get homesick, and it’s ok. You can feel lonely at college sometimes. It’s a new place, new experience, and new people. When you’re at a big campus, you can go all day and never see a familiar face. It’s good to call home every once in a while to stay connected and let your family know how much you miss them.

I learned that there are people with the same beliefs and values as you. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to meet people my age who don’t party. I’ve never been tempted to drink in the past and I went into college thinking the same thing. I was never once tempted at college. Sure, there’s people who drink and party but there’s also people who stay in their dorms on a Friday/Saturday night reading or watching movies.

Surround yourself with people who have the same values you do. You can do that by joining a club that interests you! I joined Cru my freshman year and honestly, it was what made my freshman year enjoyable. I was with people who believed what I believed, who didn’t party, and who had the same values. That was great seeing on a college campus, especially a big one like Purdue. You can make that big campus feel smaller by getting involved. Cru is a student lead organization and is a wonderful opportunity for students to get connected on campus spiritually. They’re small groups in residence halls and the entire Cru gets together once a week for a night of worship. Cru isn’t just on Purdue’s campus, it could be on yours too! I highly suggest checking it out!

And lastly, I learned that your faith in God can grow in college. That was something I didn’t expect to happen. And it happened all because of Cru and going to Campus House (the church I go to on campus). Seeing how much on fire for God other students are, will make you on fire too.

That is what made my freshman year memorable.

Get out there and tackle another school year,


Cru website: https://www.cru.org/