C’s Top 10 College Clothing Essentials

Happy Thursday everyone!

With college just around the corner, I’ve decided to compile a list of what I consider, “college clothing essentials. This list is useful for those going to a university with a seasonal changing climate.

college fashion 11

  1. A t-shirt and/or sweatshirt to rep your university

college fashion 3

2. Comfortable shoes! You don’t want to be walking around campus and your feet hurt all day. For Summer, I suggest Birkenstocks or Chacos sandals. Birkenstocks are great for comfort and style. Do not wear them in the rain, though. Instead, grab your Chacos for rainy days (and fountain runs). For Fall/Winter, Sorel or Born Concept boots. Not only are these suggestion comfortable, but they’re cute as well!

Sorel boots: Shown in Winter wonderland photo shoot and Red & Black Plaid: Winter

Born Concept boots: Shown in Cozy, Comfy, and Cute in Winter (throwback to my 2nd blog post)

3. A light jacket that can work all year long. Having a hood on your jacket is a good idea in case you’re caught in the weather on a chilly day.

college fashion 8*these boots are the Born Concept ones also shown in link above.

4. A warm and cozy scarf.

college fashion 14

5. Two words: fleece leggings. These will be your best friend during the cold Winter months walking on campus. They are super warm and super comfortable. You should have multiple pairs and multiple colors. I don’t use leggings as pants, so I pair them with long sweaters and dresses.

college fashion 15

*also, the leggings go with your warm and cozy scarf.

6. Warm socks. That might not seem like a big necessity, but when it’s 15 degrees with -20 windshield, you will be grateful.

7. Winter coat. The bigger and longer, the better. Your coat can never be too warm or bulky.

Coat: Shown in Winter wonderland photo shoot

alicia ciara snow 2

8. A nice blazer. Whether you’re giving speeches, going to a concert, having an interview, scholarship dinner, or just want to look nice, you can never go wrong with a nice blazer. I opt for taking a black one. Neutral colors are good and can go with about anything.

9. A nice pair of heels. Again, you never know when you’ll have to dress up. I also opt for black for heels but nude heels are great too.

Heels: Shown in Classic Style: Bow Crop Pants

bow pants 4

10. Rain coat (and umbrella). When it’s pouring on campus and you don’t have a rain coat or umbrella, it’s not fun. Be sure to get a sturdy umbrella, those West Lafayette winds are harsh. Also, one that is big and can help cover your backpack as well. And if there’s even the slightest chance of rain, take your umbrella.

I hope this list is able to help you while you’re packing for college and are already moved in and tackling the school year.

If you have any you’d like to add to the list, please comment below!