Classic Style: Bow Crop Pants

Hey everyone!

I’ve always had a vintage style and love any clothing that resembles Audrey Hepburn or has a classic look.

H&M has some adorable crop pants and I usually end up finding a one-of-a-kind pair on their clearance. These bow pants are adorable! I call them “bow pants” because the design looks like bows to me, although sometimes I can’t tell if they’re bows or butterflies…you can decide for yourself 🙂

bow pants

They are a light pink color with black bows (or butterflies) and have a zipper and snap in the front. The length is to my ankles and they have a fake pocket on the back right. There’s also pockets in the front and has belt loops. If I were to wear a belt with them, I would go with a black ribbon and tuck my shirt in.

bow pants 4

When I bought the pants I also bought this top to go with them. It is a high neck, silk sleeveless top with a ribbon in the front so you can tie the bow however big you want. I noticed that the silk on the sides, around the arms, and bow are different than the silk on the front and back. I really like that about the top!

bow pants 6.jpg

Since I was going to perform at church, I decided to wear black heels. To make the outfit more casual, you could pair them with mary jane flats. Also, in the winter you could wear the bow pants with a black sweater and boots.

bow pants 8

bow pants 9

I thought it was nifty that my watch has bows on it too 🙂

bow pants 7

I plan on doing a post about Audrey Hepburn style in the future!