“Ciara friendly” Pizza

Happy Monday everyone!

This past week I was able to make a pizza I could eat. I had been craving one, and since being diagnosed with this new stomach issue, I knew it might be a challenge. But, it actually turned out easier than I thought!

The pizza I made is gluten-free, lactose-free, and gastric retention-friendly. So in other words, it’s “Ciara friendly.”

I do want to say that although the pizza didn’t bother me, that doesn’t mean it won’t you if you have gastroparesis or gastric retention. Everyone reacts differently and degree can range from mild to very severe, I happen to have the mild case. Please don’t try it if you know it will bother you. You can also make alternatives to what you like and know will not bother you.



Udi’s brand gluten free pizza crust

3 small yellow tomatoes (or 1 large) peeled and no seeds, chopped

Lactose-free cheddar cheese from Aldi

canned chicken

canned mushrooms

spices: Himalayan salt, parsley, rosemary, greek oregano

I had just gotten the greek oregano plant from the farmer’s market. It is so good! You don’t need to use very much of it. The flavor is very powerful and makes it have that signature pizza seasoning I thought.



Let me know if you tried this “Ciara friendly” pizza or if you altered it yourself!