Red Apple Lipstick: Like U Latte and Petal to the Metal

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Today, I’m reviewing two Red Apple Lipstick products!

red apple lipstick like u latte.jpg

The first product is their eyeshadow shade Like U Latte. When choosing which eyeshadow to try, this one (along with a few others) stood out to me. I really like the caramel shade of Like U Latte. It’s a great color to blend other eyeshadows with. Dark brown, bronze, and cream are a few I’ve blended it with. It has a slight shimmer to it, but not very much. I think this eyeshadow shade would be perfect for any age group.


The next product is a sample pod. Another thing I love about Red Apple Lipstick is they include a free sample pod with your purchase. Another product for you to try/review!

This lipstick shade is called Petal to the Metal. It’s a nice rosy pink color. It has a slight shimmer to it. It’s similar to Mauve Me (shown here: Red Apple Lipstick: Review 4 (last one!)) and Plum Sexy Crazy (here: Red Apple Lipstick: Review 2). I really like Petal to the Metal because it works with many shades of pink.

*Petal to the Metal also shown in picture above.



It also worked great with this coral top (shown here: Summer: Coral & Lace Top & Fall Edition: Coral and Lace TopPetal to the Metal is a very versatile lipstick shade.

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