Black Tulle Skirt:: New Year’s

Hey there! I hope you all have had a great start to the new year!

Today’s fashion post is about a black tulle skirt! I have recently fallen in love with tulle skirts. They are perfect for dressing up. I’m usually more of a dress wearing kind of girl but lately, tulle skirts have been my go-to.


You can style them with long sleeves blouses, sweaters, and tights in the fall and winter. I’m looking forward to styling them differently when summer rolls around too.

I purchased this midi-length black tulle skirt from Rue 21 on their clearance rack. I would say I gave around $10 for it. I usually don’t wear sparkly clothing/accessories unless it’s special occasion or the holidays, so this sparkly red sweater was my go-to for New Year’s. It actually came from Walmart a few years ago.



This purse actually came from a consignment shop. You never know what you can find there!



I also wanted to mention this coat. It came from H&M a few years ago and has been my favorite coat! It has pockets, is the perfect length, came with a fur collar that is detachable and is very chic.



Love tulle skirts too? I’d love to hear how you style them!