So Audrey: Makeup

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your day is going great!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic with school work and exams so I’m sorry for the lack of posting. I was determined to get this post written this week though 🙂

I don’t necessarily want to say this is the last “So Audrey” post but it may be the last for a while, at least until the weather gets nicer. Future “So Audrey” posts may be for the Summer months!

The “So Audrey” Segment Continues!

Whenever I chose my outfit for the last “So Audrey” post (here: So Audrey: Head to Toe Black), I thought I’d go all out and do my hair and makeup similar to her’s for the day too.




I decided to base my makeup around this picture.


taken from:

Whenever I was doing my makeup I realized that her’s wasn’t a lot different than what I usually do. I did notice that her blush was brighter, the eye shadow was darker/ more dramatic, and her eyeliner didn’t have as much of a “wing” as I usually do mine.

I wanted to include the products I used that I thought made my makeup “So Audrey.” And I’m sure you all have seen these products before on the blog, Physicians Formula and Red Apple Lipstick 🙂 (see multiple posts here: product reviews)


For blush, I used Physicians Formula’s Nude Wear Blush in the Natural shade. As you can see, mine has been well used. This is my favorite blush from Physicians Formula. It comes with 4 different shades, you can just use one, mix two of them or mix them all together! For the “So Audrey” look, I mixed the two farthest on the left together. They have a more red/darker pink color.


In the photo, I noticed that Audrey’s eye makeup has a smoky look and was darker at the bottom of the lid. I decided to go with the eye shadow colors I typically use, but make them darker and stand out more. I went with the dark grey color on the bottom, the light grey second from the top and the first one on the top, a white/silver color. The eye shadow palette is Physicians Formula’s shimmer strips in the classic nude colors. For eyeliner, I went with their eye booster  2-in-1 boosting ergonomic felt-tip eyeliner + serum. I just recently have been able to use liquid eyeliner and make it look good haha 🙂 And last, I used their argan wear mascara.


For lips, I went with Red Apple Lipstick’s color Rebel! (see post here: Holiday Red)


Love Audrey Hepburn like I do? Have a “So Audrey” post suggestion? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed this “So Audrey” post 🙂