Modest Swimsuit Guide 2017

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going great!

With Spring Break coming up, I decided I’d put together a modest swimsuit guide. Sadly, this post was quite difficult to make because finding modest swimsuits in today’s world is harder than it should be. And finding them in an acceptable price range was even harder. But, I was able to find some that I thought were appropriate and cute. Personally, I would search for these swimsuits when they go on sale. Or, splurge if you’re really needing a good modest swimsuit 🙂

While searching for these swimsuits, I found others that were not so modest and were very interesting…I’m sure my facial expressions were pretty hilarious haha.

Also, I wanted to be sure before I posted these swimsuits that they were considered modest to a guy’s perspective as well. Trenton was kind enough to give me feedback 🙂 Which was very similar to my own 🙂

Let’s Dive In!


When it comes to modesty, swimsuits are hard to find. My go-to’s are tankinis, one-pieces, and high-waisted.

Tankinis are good because sometimes they look like one-pieces depending on how long the top is. They also tend to be more comfortable than one pieces, and personally they fit me better. I linked 3 options below from Target. Target was having their BOGO for swimsuits recently, I’m not sure if it is still going on. They’ll probably have more deals later as well, summer isn’t here yet (sadly).

 modest swim target peplum tankini        modest swim target peplum tankini floral

High Neck Peplum Tankini                                               Floral Peplum Tankini

                                   modest swim target high neck tankini

                                                     High Neck Tankini


I was surprised that looking for modest one-pieces would be so hard. But now, with all the cut out trends, low backs, and plunging necklines, it was. I was able to find these 3 that I liked. I thought they gave off a vintage/retro feel which I love. The first one is actually from Walmart and the next two from Target.

modest swim walmart retro     modest swim target navy

Retro Swimdress                                                                         Halter One-piece

                            modest swim target retro

                                             Retro Halter One-piece

I hope this guide has been helpful for you! Have you found some modest swimsuits you think I should add? Let me know!

Also, this guide was not sponsored by Target. It just so happens that they’re one of the few places that still make modest swimsuits 🙂