Vintage Inspired: Gingham Midi Dress

I had been wanting to do a modern take on a vintage inspired piece and I found the perfect dress for it! Also, these pictures are my favorite ones we’ve ever done on the blog so I’m SO EXCITED to share this post with you all! 🙂

IMG_4586 (2).JPG

I first saw this dress a couple months back at Target when it was originally priced $34.99. I didn’t know if I liked it that much (it has cut-outs) to pay full price so I forgot about it until we would go and I’d see it again on the rack. Last week, we were in Target again but this time I saw the dress on the clearance rack for $24.98! I decided to finally try it on. It was big at the top but mom said she could alter it for me so I went ahead and got it 🙂 It has cut-outs on each side and also has a draw-string with pom-poms so you can adjust the sides to how they best fit you. I also love how the dress buttons all the way down!

The straps needed taken up several inches for me, I’m 5’1. It fits perfectly everywhere else, I’m wearing the size xs. 


IMG_4543 (2).JPG

IMG_4604 (2)



I found these shoes at Goodwill for $5. They were in perfect condition and are Clarks brand so they’re comfortable. I love the wing straps!


IMG_4588 (2)





I’m sure you guys have seen this purse before, it’s Kelly & Katie brand from DSW.



IMG_4555 (2)


IMG_4537 (2).JPG

Dress: HERE      Similar sunglasses: HERE      Similar shoes: HERE

Adorable purse alternative: HERE     Lipstick: HERE

You can’t go anywhere without a little faith,


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