Beauty: Root Pretty Cosmetics

I discovered Root Products this past Summer and have fallen in love with not only their products, but their goal as a company. Root is a company located in Iowa that makes natural, organic, vegan, gluten free cosmetics! They have items ranging from lipstick to mascara to face masks to laundry soap. So even if you’re not a makeup gal, you can still use Root’s home products!

I wanted to post a round up/product review of the products I have tried so far from Root.


Pretty Balms

Pretty Balms were the first product I saw of Root’s and the first product I tried. They are basically a tinted lip balm to the max! The color they provide are amazing! You can easily build them to make them darker/brighter, or just one coat for a lighter look. They’re also super moisturizing and have great coverage.

  • Campbell
  • Ballet
  • Mila
  • Scarlett



Shea Butter Lipstick

I had been wanting to try one of their lipsticks and had been seeing “vintage kiss” a lot on their social media. This is the best color! It’s a dark pinkish color, but isn’t too dark and is perfect all year round. It has the slightest shimmer.

  • Vintage Kiss



100% Lash Mascara

This mascara is awesome! It isn’t super wet, so not raccoon eyes! And is also buildable…and “smells dangerously like a vanilla cupcake” (warning label on the package) 🙂


Here I am wearing Root’s 100% lash mascara and the pretty balm in Scarlett.


Loose Eyeshadows

I haven’t purchased any of their full size eyeshadows, but with every purchase you get a free sample! I have wore Jasmine and Ginger and love both of these colors. They stay on great, and are both nice bright colors to wear under the brow and in the crease. Personally, I’m not into bright eyeshadows, but these purples are really pretty!



Have you tried Root’s products before?