Living Itty Bitty

I’ve been meaning to publish this post for years. Yes, years. But I couldn’t get the post just right. I hope by me sharing this it’s able to help other girls and provide insight. 

I’ve been considered “underweight” and “failure to thrive” all of my life. I was born small (around 4 pounds), I’ve always been small, and I’m fairly certain I always will be. (Learn more about why here: My Gluten Free Story)

I’ve dealt with phrases like: you’re so skinny/tiny, you need some meat on your bones, no wonder you’re cold-look at how thin you are, you just need to eat a hamburger….phrases like those I hear all the time. People even say “I wish I had your problem.” No, you don’t. I’ve had GI issues basically my whole life and I’m fairly certain my being underweight is related to undiagnosed Celiac Disease for so long along with other issues that we’re still trying to figure out 10 years later. It’s just as difficult trying to gain weight as it is trying to loose it. It’s just as frustrating. It seems like no matter what I eat, I just don’t gain anything. I always have a good appetite. My weight just stays consistent.

Recently I’ve seen these same comments mentioned above, along with more harsh/cruel comments posted on some of the blogger’s I follow. One blogger in particular has had these comments directed at her a lot. She is very petite and skinny, but doesn’t appear unhealthy or anything. She exercises and eats well- she takes care of herself. But some followers of her are commenting awful things on her pictures or even direct messaging her. This is not ok. It is not ok to body shame other people. No matter if they’re skinny or not. You don’t know what that person is going through. And even if that person does have something unhealthy going on with their eating habits- that is no way to go about it. There are RD’s who specialize in eating disorders and they need to approach that, not someone off the internet.

We can’t look at someone assuming they’re perfectly healthy or wishing we had their body. Be proud of what you have! God designed our bodies just the way they are- so take care of them. Someone once said to me: “It’s almost like your job, as a future Dietitian is to take care of God’s creation.” That’s pretty cool- take care of your body like it’s God’s creation (because it is), and appreciate it for that!

It’s alright to be small (as long as it’s healthy!). To be little bitty (like the Alan Jackson song says 🙂 )