Book Review: GirlDefined’s ‘Sex, Purity & the Longings of a Girl’s Heart’

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following me on instagram or Facebook (@faithfasionfoodwithc), you know I’ve been sharing a ton about GirlDefined’s new book ‘Sex, Purity and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart.’


I was chosen to be on the book launch team so I’ve been sharing a ton about it, but also because I absolutely LOVE the book! And today is the release day! You can now order ‘Sex, Purity and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart’ in stores and online!



Here’s a little bit about the book, why I love it and why you should order it!

About the Book:

Bethany & Kristen are the founders of a Christian women’s ministry called GirlDefined. You might be familiar with their other books, ‘Girl Defined’ and ‘Love Defined.’ About a year ago they did a survey in the GirlDefined sisterhood asking Christian women specific struggles regarding their sexual struggles. They did this survey because over the years they had received thousands of emails from Christian women sharing their sexual struggles and asking in-depth, personal questions. Bethany and Kristen saw the need for this topic to be shared with other Christian women. This book addresses topics the church doesn’t talk about and addresses them in a way that is scripture based. This book is all about “discovering the beauty and freedom of God-defined sexuality.”


Why I love it!

I love this book because of the way Bethany and Kristen have addressed these “taboo” and “hush hush” topics. They also have a section where they took common questions girls had messaged them and address them specifically. They both shared their own personal sexual struggles and used their experiences to help other women know they aren’t the only ones struggling. I think far too often we think we’re the only one who struggles with something, or that sexual struggles are just a guy thing. But this book addresses all of that and so much more! There is freedom found from reading this book. If you are struggling with sexual brokenness and feel you’re the only one, there is Jesus-healing power in putting your sin into the light and taking it out of darkness.



Why you need it too!

I honestly cannot say enough about this book. I think every.single.woman. needs this book! The girls reading this (that’s you!), your sister, your friend, your mom, your aunt, literally every woman needs this book! And it’s only $10.39 on Amazon!

Have I convinced you to order it? 🙂 If so, comment below!