Book Review: Jordan Lee Dooley’s “Own Your Everyday”

I was able to be on the launch team for Jordan Lee Dooley’s new book Own Your Everyday! I was also chosen to receive their advanced reader copy and finished the book in less than a week! ‘Own Your Everyday’ released Tuesday May 14th and is available to order now!


Jordan writes about her personal experiences, struggles with imposter syndrome and finding a purpose. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the big-idea purpose that we forget to take intentional steps today, right where we are. I know I have fallen to that many times. This books includes ways to “help you overcome the pressure to prove so you can show up for what you were made to do.”


Here’s an insert about the book: “Rooted in faith and jam-packed with tangible takeaways, this book is a girlfriend’s guide to a purpose-driven life. Pairing her relatable voice with a unique perspective, powerful truths, and practical fools, Jordan equips you to

  • tackle obstacles, disappointment, perfectionism, comparison, & distraction
  • remove labels and break out of the box of expectations
  • identify and eliminate excuses and unnecessary stress about an unknown future
  • overcome the lie that you can’t live your God-given purpose until you reach a certain goal or milestone.”

What I love about this book is how relatable it is. Jordan includes her own experiences we can relate to and includes steps to finding contentment in where we are right now.


You can order the book from many different retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and can be found in stores!

Let me know if you’ve ordered ‘Own Your Everyday’!