Honeymoon in Martha’s Vineyard: Part 1

Hi everyone and happy summer! It feels so good for it to officially be summer now. I must say, I think it is my favorite season. This post and one more will conclude our travel diary of Martha’s Vineyard!

We got married on a Saturday and flew out of Indianapolis airport the next day, Sunday. Our flight ended up getting delayed due to mechanical issues with the plane. We were supposed to fly out to Chicago at 10am, but it got pushed to 4pm. This ended up messing up our other connecting flights, making us have to stay a night in Boston…but in the end we finally made it to Martha’s Vineyard on Monday around noon. Since Martha’s Vineyard (and Nantucket) are islands, they’re only accessible by plane or ferry. We ended up taking a short plane ride, about 45 minutes long. The plane only seated 9 passengers..yes 9! I learned on this trip I’m not a huge fan of flying..or turbulence haha.


There are many different towns within Martha’s Vineyard: Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, West Tisbury, Chilmark, Aquinnah and then Chappaquiddick is an island on the eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard, apart of Edgartown. We stayed in Oak Bluffs during our entire time there. The airbnb we stayed in was ‘Downtown Oak Bluffs, Harbor House first floor.’ We stayed here for 3 nights and another airbnb on our last night.



When we got to Martha’s Vineyard, we went to our airbnb, ate lunch, walked around Oak Bluffs and saw the cute little gingerbread style houses and shops, and then ate dinner. See where all we ate HERE.

gingerbread house 2gingerbread house 4

The gingerbread style houses were so adorable. It was hard to believe people actually live in them and keep up the maintenance so well. The one below on the right was my absolute favorite. They had a little doll house that looked identical to the house sitting on the front porch.

gingerbread house 6gingerbread house 3

gingerbread house 8gingerbread house 9

gingerbread house 1gingerbread house 10

The next day, Tuesday, we went to Aquinnah to see the cliffs and ocean. It’s super easy to travel around the island by bus, car or bike. We ended up getting a day pass for $16 for the both of us to go to Aquinnah and back. Aquinnah is on the far west  of the island and is known for the breathtaking cliffs and Gay Head Lighthouse. I have to say if you’re planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Aquinnah is a must. Gay Head Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built on Martha’s Vineyard in 1799.


IMG_0040 (1)IMG_0030

It was super windy if you can’t tell from the picture below haha. My hair was everywhereeeee.


These pink flowers were all over the island, especially on the trail to the ocean in Aquinnah.

IMG_0103IMG_0130 (1)

IMG_0210 (1)

IMG_0131IMG_0155 (1)

Paper bag Shorts (similar, exact from Marshall’s recent), Boatneck Shirt (exact, Target clearance), Sandals (similar, DSW recent in stores)

IMG_0152 (1)


Stay tuned soon for part 2 of our trip to Martha’s Vineyard!