Eating Gluten Free in Martha’s Vineyard

Hi everyone! It’s been pretty hectic this past month due to wedding planning and then getting married! I will definitely have a post up with our wedding pictures when they become available and more details regarding our wedding and honeymoon!

When looking for gluten free options at Martha’s Vineyard I had a hard time finding many places online. I used the Find Me Gluten Free app, which was very helpful but I also wanted to hear other’s experiences to know which places were a must and which weren’t as safe. I decided to document our gluten free eating out experiences while at Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is WONDERFUL for gluten free! Pretty much every single restaurant has a sign out front stating to inform your server if you have a food allergy. Every place we went didn’t have a gluten free menu, but the waitresses/waiters were knowledgeable on what items were gluten free and/or could be made gluten free. They would also tell us if they were prepared on a separate table, cleaned the grill before, and one even told us the pizzas may not be the best option if you had celiac disease due to the employees preparing other dough and having it on their shirts. But, this is a given with any place you go to that prepares gluten free pizzas in the same kitchen as regular dough. We were very impressed with the restaurants at Martha’s Vineyard. We mostly ate in Oak Bluff, which was where we stayed. We had one meal in Edgartown, one in Vineyard Haven and one at the Logan Airport in Boston.

At almost every place we ate, we ended up splitting a dish. Everything at Martha’s Vineyard is about double the price as it is in Indiana. But, this also meant the portions were huge meaning we could order one dish and split it! We both left feeling full but not overly stuffed.

Lookout Tavern: no gf menu, but waitress was knowledgeable on what was safe.

Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos with broccoli slaw: Trenton said this was one of the best foods he’s ate! Corn shells were used.

food 1

Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich with salad: gf bun available. Very filling and a huge sandwich!

food 2

Philadelphia Sushi: we ended up going back for dinner the same day. We both got the Philadelphia rolls, I ordered mine without cream cheese. We forgot to take a picture of them, but they were comparable to other Philly rolls we’ve had.

Island House Bar & Grill : Very good gf tapioca wraps. Trenton ordered the swordfish wrap and I got the salmon wrap. We later went back, and I got the swordfish wrap. They were both very good and came with a salad. Their fries were made in the same fryer as the other foods so were not safe.

Swordfish Wrap: came with ranch dressing and salsa.

trenton wrap

Salmon Wrap: came with ranch dressing

food 3

Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company: no gf menu, but did have a list of what options were gf.

chowder company 4

Shellfish Risotto: I still think this might be my favorite meal we had the whole trip! It had shrimp, scallops, lobster & mussels with risotto and a tomato sauce. Very filling and huge portions.

food 4

Clam Chowder: One day we ended up getting different meals for lunch. I got the swordfish wrap from Island House mentioned above and Trenton got the clam chowder from MV Chowder Company shown below. We went back and ate on our porch patio. The chowder was good, but was more thin like a soup. But, they have been voted the best chowder in New England since 2012!

chowder company 3

M.V. Gourmet Cafe & Bakery: They had two gf bakery items available, a lava cake and key lime tart. We ended up stopping in twice to try both.

Lava Cake: this was so so good! We split it and I didn’t get sick at all from the dairy. I ended up eating more dairy on this trip and felt fine.

lava cake

Key Lime Tart: very good key lime taste, not too tart. The crust was very good too and held together well.

key lime tart

Linda Jean’s: no gf menu, but waitress was very knowledgeable about what was gf and could be made gf. We had gf french toast! We ended up going there twice for breakfast cause it was so good!

Strawberry Banana French Toast: This was so good! Came with three pieces of french toast, butter and whipped cream.

Number 1: 4 pieces of toast, 2 fried eggs, fried potatoes & 3 strips of bacon

linda jeans 2

french toast

The Seafood Shanty : no gf menu again, but waiter was aware of items that were gf and even double checked with the cook.

Sea bass: Easily one of my favorite meals from the trip. Came with white rice, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes & feta cheese.

seafood shanty 1 (2)

Not Your Sugar Mamas: dedicated gluten free facility. Plant-based.

Avocado Toast: very good bread and large serving.

Mexican Rice Bowl: similar to Chipotle but healthier and larger portion.

not your sugar mommas

Ice Cream: Organic & Vegan Friendly: flavors are labeled gf and vegan.

Chocolate with coconut flakes

Vegan coconut: this was the only vegan option available when we went. Very good and large portion.

ice cream 2

Offshore Ale Company: no gf menu, but waiter knew what could be made gf. Have gf pizza available but there is cross contamination risk due to the cooks preparing it while wearing the same shirt they prepared regular dough in. But, they do cook it on a separate tray. I think I would have been fine trying the pizza, as this is your risk with almost everywhere else you order gf pizza. But, dine at your own risk 🙂

Lobster Roll with slaw and salad: Again, one of our favorite meals we got. HUGE sandwich and very filling.

ale company

Logan Airport: Legal Sea Foods: this place is amazing! We wish there was one closer to home, but unfortunately they’re all located on the east coast. Almost everything can be made gf and they have a dedicated fryer! I had to take a picture of the menu to show you all! If you’re ever flying out of Logan airport, stop here at terminal B1!

legal seafoods menu 2

legal seafoods menu 1

Fish & Chips with Slaw: no words….IT WAS SO GOOD!

legal seafoods 3

The entire trip, neither of us got sick from gluten or cross contamination!

Have you been to Martha’s Vineyard before? Let me know in the comments below!