4 Years of Blogging

It’s hard to believe I started this blog 4 years ago today. I was beginning the spring semester of my freshman year of college. Wow, a lot has changed since then.

Through these past 4 years I’ve seen how Faithfashionfoodwithc has grown, and how I’ve grown as a content creator/writer. My photography and editing has improved quite a bit, going from my first fashion post being pictures taken in front of my closet to now knowing how to edit using Lightroom mobile and presets. Thank goodness! haha

I’ve also shifted the focus of my posts- something I am continually doing and still figuring out. Fashion has always been an interest of mine, but the fashion posts do not get as many views as the “lifestyle”/personal thought posts. So this year, I’m going to try to incorporate more personal posts. This means there may not be as much regular content, but the quality will be focused on what you guys want to read!- what this blog is about anyways. I will post more fashion photos on my instagram though (@faithfashionfoodwithc)! And of course I’ll still share about living a gluten free lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, but I do want to put out more personal content- even if it’s hard for me to do. Those posts take a lot out of me emotionally, which is why the content wouldn’t be as regular. Sometimes I will spend months planning out a post. A few posts took years to publish.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me these past 4 years. I’m so grateful for you all and your interest in Faithfashionfoodwithc!

Here is a recap of the top 10 posts viewed over 2019:

  1. Gluten Free Angel Food Cake: Aldi Live GFree Product Review
  2. My Brother Was More Than His Mental Illness
  3. First Look with my Dad and Brother
  4. Let’s talk about lipstick!
  5. Our Wedding Day
  6. Wedding Party Attire + How I Chose My Wedding Dress
  7. Eating Gluten Free in Martha’s Vineyard
  8. Living Itty Bitty
  9. Honeymoon in Martha’s Vineyard: Part 1
  10. Our Apartment Tour

You can’t go anywhere without a little faith,