Hello Fresh Review: Safe for Gluten Free?

*This post is not sponsored. We received a coupon from a friend, and paid for the services ourselves.

My husband and I recently tried Hello Fresh, a meal kit delivery service. You choose how many meals per week you want and how many servings per meal. When you receive your order, each meal is packaged individually in a paper bag with the ingredients inside. All the ingredients are already portioned but may require some prep time such as cutting, peeling, etc. Each meal comes with easy to read directions.

I had been wondering how Hello Fresh was with offering gluten free options. Each week they have different meals to choose from and you are able to see the common allergens in each meal. When chooses which ones we wanted to try, we avoided the ones that contained wheat and were not gluten free. As with almost anywhere, there is a risk of cross contamination but I felt confident in their meal options.

We chose the 3 meals per week option for 2 people and did a 1 week trial. The meals we chose were the baked sweet ‘n’ tangy chicken legs with potato wedges and lemony broccoli, balsamic fig chicken with roasted potatoes and mixed greens, and the apricot chicken with roasted green beans and jasmine rice. As you can see the only gluten free options for that week were all chicken, but they do have other options. We just happened to try it when chicken was the only safe gluten free option available then. If you do not like the options available one week, you are able to skip that week.

hello fresh chicken leg 1

hello fresh chicken leg 2

hello fresh fig chicken 1

hello fresh fig chicken 2

hello fresh apricot ginger chicken 1

hello fresh apricot ginger chicken 2

Overall, I would recommend Hello Fresh especially if you do not have a lot of experience in the kitchen. The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. Since I grew up watching my mom cook a lot and learning from her, the meals were not difficult to make. I would also recommend Hello Fresh if you are coming back from a trip and do not have much in your refrigerator. It would be super convenient to come home with a Hello Fresh box arrived at your door after a trip away from home! Price wise, I do not think you’re really saving anything. Most meals end up being at least $6 a person, less than going to a restaurant but more than going to the grocery store. My husband and I did not have any problems with eating gluten free from Hello Fresh and I felt they have good options, differing from week to week.