Our Wedding Day

Our wedding pictures are in and I’m SO excited to share with you all our wedding day!

Photography by Madi Taylor. We LOVE all our pictures she’s taken of both our wedding and engagement session (see HERE)


Trenton and I got married June 8th, 2019 at my church at home and we had the reception at a venue where we went to prom together. It is about 15 minutes away from the church.


Leading up to the wedding, we both felt like we had the most stressful engagement ever. Trenton was finishing up classes and working while I was completing my senior year of dietetics at Purdue. Both of us trying to plan a wedding in the midst of hectic college life while away from home and away from each other the last 5 months leading up to our wedding day. This caused a lot of miscommunication between Trenton and I in planning for the wedding. But, God was and is SO GOOD, we had the most perfect wedding day! The day went very smoothly and the focus was on the marriage instead of about the day itself. We both wanted it to be Christ-centered and for Him to be reflected the entire day, and He was. He answered so many prayers about our wedding day- it was spectacular.







For the sake of wanting to give more details in future posts, I’ll only talk briefly about the decorations, my dress and the wedding party attire. I knew I wanted the colors to be blush and mint green. I’ve always loved shabby chic and vintage dishes so that was the main “theme” for decorations.



The dress was basically made for me 🙂 I will tell details in a future post!


I also knew I wanted the wedding party attire to not be super formal. Yes, a wedding is a formal event but I wanted everyone to be comfortable and to have fun! That’s why we went with shorter dresses for the girls, and no jackets for the guys. Only Trenton, the groom, had a jacket but wore suspenders underneath.



I can’t wait to share more wedding details with you all in future posts! We truly couldn’t have asked for a better day with our family and friends.


-Ciara and Trenton Rogers 🙂