First Look with my Dad and Brother

I’ve been trying to find the right words/post to publish. I thought I would wait until I can write about my brother’s story, but that could be months or longer. I still want to commit to this blog, but there will be a new direction in post content, focusing on mental health.

My brother passed away on August 1st, 2019.  These pictures meant so much to me before, but they mean even more now. 

On our wedding day, I did a first look with my dad and older brother, Willie. My brother being able to see me on my wedding day was an answer to prayers. He suffered from a mental illness, which someday his story may be told either on this blog or in a book, or just in Facebook posts or in journals. Whichever way, it needs to be told to help other people- it’s a very powerful story. Him being at our wedding was an answer from God. Something I will never forget and I will hold these pictures close to my heart. Madi, these pictures mean more to me and my parents than you’ll ever know.

Photography by Madi Taylor






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