36 Things My Brother Taught Me

Tomorrow would have been my brother’s 37th birthday. There’s no words to describe how this first birthday of his without him here is going to feel. So I decided to share 36 things my brother taught me. 36 things out of so, so many more.

  1. Strength.
  2. Goofy faces make anything better.
  3. A childlike sense of humor is needed.
  4. Animals make great companions.
  5. Turn to Jesus.
  6. “Savior, thank you for this tasty blessing.”
  7. There’s time for “one more game”.
  8. You can find caviar on Amazon…
  9. Duct tape fixes everything.
  10. Be 100% yourself.
  11. Pizza is tasty at all times of the day.
  12. Remember deodorant.
  13. You can watch a movie you love as many times as you want. (He watched Napoleon Dynamite 30 some times!)
  14. Can you ever have too many pockets?
  15. Always carry a note card and pencil with you.
  16. My multiplication tables.
  17. How to ride a bike.
  18. Try your best at school.
  19. You’re never too old to play with your little sister (or brother).
  20. You never know what someone else is going through.
  21. Order your Christmas gifts plenty ahead of time.
  22. You can order anything online.
  23. Sometimes just sitting with someone is enough.
  24. Show someone how much you believe in them & their abilities.
  25. Be sure to back up your laptop regularly.
  26. Wait 10 seconds after turning your laptop off  (or any electronic) when it freezes before starting it back up.
  27. Be sure to save your money, but it’s also ok to get something you want every now and then.
  28. You don’t have to be a great singer to sing.
  29. You’re never too old to play video games.
  30. Give more hugs.
  31. It’s ok to dance silly if it makes someone laugh.
  32. Take a lot of pictures of your loved ones.
  33. Always thank mom for the meal.
  34. Christmas morning can be just as exciting when you’re not a little kid.
  35. Go barefoot.
  36. Don’t take time with your loved ones for granted.