6 years of blogging

Hi everyone! I realized yesterday that on the 1st of this month the blog turned 6 years old! I have always done a post reflecting on the blog but I completely forgot this year! In fact I only wrote 5 posts in 2021 since the post 5 years of blogging. While I have enjoyed growing my blog and writing posts I feel like blogs are slowly becoming a thing of the past since there has been such a big emphasis on Youtube, Instagram reels, and making videos. Anyways, I still want to say thank you for supporting my little spot on the internet the past 6 years!

Posts written in 2021:

  1. Buff City Soap Product Review #1(this was the most viewed post from 2021!)
  2. Beauty from Messy
  3. Charleston, SC Travel Guide
  4. Buff City Soap’s Holiday Scents
  5. Small Business Gift Guide

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